Claims adjustment
Claims Adjustment services are provided for both regular business partners as well as companies and individuals on the basis of a one-time service. The adjustment process begins at the time of informing our company about damage and sending the available documentation to us. Based on the provided information, we initially verify the existence of insurance coverage and then consult with the client concerning a visual inspection of the damaged property and place of the event. Upon collection of the set of documents required by the insurer, our company immediately analyzes them and prepares a claims adjustment report. Depending on the insurer and the scope of the service ordered, the claim is transferred directly for payment or for final approval by the relevant insurance company.
The claims which are not covered by insurance are rejected on behalf of the insurer or transferred to the insurer, who will make a decision. This approach reduces the time of claims adjustment and, at the same time, relieves our clients of all the bureaucracy.

Claims analysis
Carstens & Schues Poland uses a modern computer system developed specifically for the needs of our company. The system makes it possible for employees to have instant access to the current status, history and details of all claims up to 5 years back. With this system it is possible to prepare an in-depth statistical analyses of claims submitted to us in relation to any time period. Due to the system’s open structure it is possible to create a module that meets special requirements of the client in long-term cooperation.

Audatex Estimating
Carstens & Schues Poland uses the Audatex repair cost estimation system. With practical experience and knowledge of our specialists, we are able to offer you the services of an independent vehicle repair cost estimation at attractive rates. The Cost estimation service is provided on the basis of visual inspections of the vehicle is in place as well as exclusively on the basis of photographic documentation drawn up according to the guidelines of Carstens & Schues Poland (the service is available for small and medium-sized defects).

Expert’s opinions
Based on the 20-year experience in claims adjustment, we are able to offer services of property appraisal, which is not related to claims adjustment. We cooperate with a network of trusted surveyors in Poland and selected European countries. We offer technical support within inspection, proper selection of a surveyor, and the preparation of documentation based on the client’s needs. If necessary, it is also possible to deal with an order by the head office – such a service is provided in Polish, German or English.

On behalf of foreign insurers, Carstens & Schues Poland Sp. z o.o. carries out recoveries against the parties who have caused loss or damage. What distinguishes us among competition is the fact that we collect a fee only for recoveries on a "no cure no pay" basis. In the case of complex cases and in consultation with the client, recoveries can be supported by experienced and skilled lawyers from Poland and Germany.